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I’m a Front-End Designer

When somebody asks me if I am a designer or coder, I never really know how to answer.

I identify as both — since in my ideal project, I craft the UI of the webpage from wireframes into an easy-to-use interface using both sketching and front-end code. I think through the typography and color schemes, while also hand coding the most up-to-date semantic HTML, CSS, and jQuery into the layout (mobile-first, obviously).

grand rapids logo on t-shirt

Grand Rapids Logo

One day, when I was bored, I ended up looking up a bunch of old things about my hometown, Grand Rapids. After a while I stumbled across an insurance map that had an absolutely kick-ass logo in the bottom corner.

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team maxem website

Team Maxem

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aview cabinetry responsive showcase

Aview Cabinetry

If you don’t know what swiss design is, google that sh**. Right now.

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graphic design + web design + web dev
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